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We are committed to create success, wealth and abundance to entrepreneurs all around the world and one way we achieve that is by providing live local workshops and seminars in all major cities. These events are affordable and convenient but guaranteed to be powerful and worth your time as a business owner. There is a truth in business that states that a business can never out-perform the people running it. Therefore the people must get better for a business to get better. Click on the options below and register for the topic of your choice.

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

Jorge Morales
Specialized ECU Repair

“My company Specialized ECU Repair has been coaching with Juan for over 1 year now. Revenue and Team Synergy has grown more in the last year than in the previous 10 thanks to Juan. If you are a high achiever you NEED to hire Juan to coach you on how to get there”
Elijeana King
Chaisteli Insurance

“You have made such a difference not only in our business but in our life. Being able to take our kids on a Disney Cruise was a far-fetched dream but thanks to you it became reality. Thank you for helping me love my business once more and feeling excitement for the future.”

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