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Guaranteed To Deliver a Comprehensive Business Plan

PlanningCLUB … is the most modern business plan process from the world’s leading business coaching company – designed to help guide you through the business planning process more simply, effectively and effortlessly than ever before!

Where else can you arrive in the morning and walk out with a complete business plan when you leave?

With PlanningCLUB, you not only get the benefit of a business plan but ALSO the benefit of working with a coach that will guide you, point out a new perspective and ask the tough questions.

An interactive setting perfect for dialogue, brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Benefits of a Great Business Plan

It’s a simple fact – businesses with a good business plan framework do better than those without one. PlanningCLUB is a comprehensive growth programme for business owners who want to:

  • Significantly grow profits
  • Build trusted teams
  • Turn personal dreams into reality
  • Enjoy their business again

PlanningCLUB combines business coaching, advice, interactive software and business tools to help you through the planning process simply and effectively. The interactive two-day workshop will help you develop your business and get your business proposals off the ground. To give you higher profits, greater cash flow and increased value. Contact us today for further registration information.

Walk Away with a Business Plan That...

A professional business planning document that will give you what you need as an effective tool for further bank funding, Angel investment, bank requirements, suppliers or for keeping shareholders informed structured as 19 separate sections.
1. The Business At a Glance
2. USP, Mission, Success Factors, Capital Requirements
3. History
4. Products & Services
5. Structure
6. Success Factors
8. Goals, Milestones, Strategies
9. Marketing
10. Sales
11. Customer Management
12. Pricing
13. The Competitive Landscape
14. Financial Plan
15. 5 Year Income Statement
16. 5 Year Annual Balance Sheet
17. 5 Year Cash Flow
18. Comprehensive Diagnostic
19. Strategies For Improvement

Who Should Invest in a Business Plan?

Our process is ideal for...

  1. Start up businesses
  2. Established and successful businesses
  3. Companies seeking funding or partners
  4. Businesses looking for rapid growth
  5. Individuals preparing an exit strategy or transition

What our clients are saying…

Nicole Traccitto
Nick Felicione Pest Control

“This past year with Juan has been nothing short of amazing. The tools and guidance that he provides have been invaluable, but nothing compares to the motivation and accountability that comes with each of his coaching calls. Juan is the game-changing resource every business owner needs in their corner!”
Dinah Picket
Home Instead Senior Care

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending one to one time with me yesterday. I came back to my office feeling excited and hopeful which I hadn’t felt in a while. I look forward to our next session and spending more time learning your principles.”

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